Here’s what clients have to say:


Doing Pilates with Ellen Simonis has been one of the greatest things I have done for myself. Ellen is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. I have experienced a total transformation in my body appearance, flexibility, strength and well-being. I am becoming a much more balanced person through Pilates. Thank you Ellen.


Joanne Atkisson

Working with Ellen Simonis has transformed my body and how I feel in it, giving me a new strength and energy. This core strength has to be experienced to be believed.


Marci Shimoff author- “Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul,”

“Happy for No Reason,” featured teacher in the “The Secret.”

I recommend Pilates with Ellen Simonis to many of my patients, her approach with exceptional skill and understanding is beneficial for overall fitness, health and well-being. Pilates is at the cutting edge for injury rehabilitation and prevention.


Dr. Daniel McGrath D.O.


"Ellen Simonis is a skilled, knowledgeable, inspirational and gifted athletic trainer and coach par excellence!! Her skills go beyond just physical well-being moving into transformation of body, mind and spirit."


Hully Fetico, Master Trainer to Olympians, World Class Athletes, Injury Specialist, Shaman

Ellen Simonis transformed me from a person that was fifty pounds overweight with continuous chronic back pain to someone who now does exercises only the athletes in the best of shape can do. Her program has made me feel many years younger and it’s a pleasure to have a body looking and feeling so healthy, vibrant and strong. I feel very lucky to have found Ellen, she gave me back my health.


Byron Stanley




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